Live Your Métier

When you were right out of college, what did you dream of doing?  How did you want to change the world?  What lasting contribution did you hope to make?

Even if you have been caught up in a different path or the mundane aspects of life, you can still make this dream real.  It’s perfectly normal to get focused on short-term deadlines, mundane routines, or the fever pitch of daily family life.  But you can keep thebigger picture in focus.

How?  By choosing to live your métier, or purpose.

Your métier is a part of who you are.  It is not separate.  Your life and family need to be part of it as well.  And, a strong grounding focus on yourself enables you to integrate it all.Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 2.37.46 PMOften people make either/or choices, as if they have to sacrifice one piece of their life for the other.  Career or family.  Themselves or their friends.  Their métier for their rent check.  They make decisions based on what other people want them to be. They internalize their own or others’ “shoulds”.  And when they can’t be everything to everybody, they blame the system and external barriers.

Instead, bring the focus back to yourself and your purpose at the core.  What is your métier?  How can you follow it?  How can you include your family?  What aspects of your current job are contributing?  When you frame your life with the bigger picture in mind, decision-making becomes easier, you think of choices not as sacrifices of one part of your life for the other but of how each area can receive the energy and focus it needs in that moment and contribute to the greater whole.

If you are off your path, you can rejoin it.  You do this in small steps.  First, you learn to recognize when you are out of sync with your métier and when your choices are inconsistent.  Next, you decide which aspects of your life you love and which you would like to change. You enjoy the parts you love and make a conscious plan to change the ones you don’t.  This involves admitting to others what is important to you and what you plan to do about it.  Instead of unconsciously following someone else’s groove, you consciously carve your own.  And you need to believe in yourself; give yourself room to make mistakes, try new things, and grow in the process.

And guess what, that includes your job.  You need to earn a living.  That is very important, more so than it ever was before for women.  It is also important that you participate in “the system”, else it cannot change.  Further, most people secretly love their work, even if it’s not popular to say that out loud.  So, why not celebrate your career?  Tell everyone how much you like what you do.  Your métier is important, follow it with pride.

We think it’s time for women to stop sacrificing their purpose for everyone else and instead learn to celebrate following their own métier.


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