Anderson Cooper: How are Powerful Women Perceived?

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Women in power have some very negative generalizations attached. Some are seen as cold, emotional, or inadequate…or so we thought. The Heidi/Howard experiment performed at NYU (detailed in the video) showed that many people were more comfortable working under men than women. 10 years later, Anderson Cooper returns to the study on how women in power are perceived by others and how gender bias has changed drastically in the last decade.

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2 responses to “Anderson Cooper: How are Powerful Women Perceived?

  1. I know, it’s sad. This is second-generation bias – our own self-limitations are hidden. We are blocking ourselves with the Feminine Filter. But the beauty of it is that we have the ability to change it ourselves. What if the professor said – this is just an assumption. Why do we assume these things? Remember, everyone used to think that women were less intelligent than men too but that changed. It’s not set in stone – that’s the beauty of assumptions – once identified, they can be changed. Thanks Chris!
    – Jodi

  2. Recent HBR article urges educating everyone about 2nd gen gender bias. I think we need to be specific. Broke my heart when the professor asked the women “do you plan to be successful” and camera showed furtive glances and half hearted hands creeping up. Crushed my heart to pieces when then the young woman in the video said “when it comes to women being successful, I don’t think they’re as trustworthy…they have an ulterior motive”. Like what?

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