2 responses to “Do you love to work or have to work?

  1. For me, work is a way to challenge myself and set personal goals. I am still in the “green start” phase so I devote a large part of my day to my career. Due to the dynamic and challenging nature of my work, I am constantly thinking about new, creative ways to solve problems. Luckily, I have a huge amount of decision making freedom so I get to express my creative side as well as my business training every day. Although the pay check is a plus, I find myself getting excited about the company’s progress even over the weekend. I know it may not be permanent, but right now i LOVE to work.

    • That is fabulous! Workplaces that enable this decision making freedom really can tap into your innate motivation. Remember what you love about it (even write it down) – these are your career insights that you can take with you across your career. Oh, I think it can be permanent – it may not be equally steady across your career, but I’m a huge believer (and have experienced) feeling in love with my work and I’ve been doing it 25 years! Thank you for sharing Marie! Any advice for other green starters? – Jodi

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