3 responses to “What things do you consider “Undelegatable”?

  1. Outstanding! When something works, just ronefirce it,right? Point out how well everything went when they chose a certain action and how if they choose that again they can have a similar result. but i dont understand why the viewpoint changed drastically.

  2. I get a little intimidated by delegation. I want to have control over my output. If I give it up, it’s a reflection on me.

  3. For me, I test almost every activity to see whether I can delegate it. Often, I also share idea generation by asking various people their views. This sharing (an early stage of delegation and collaboration) enables me to generate more ideas and build on others’ thinking. But I constantly have questions I want answers to to help me in my work; asking others to help gather the research (such as my research assistant) gives me the depth to then do the next step.

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