There are these points of inflection ….


There are these points of inflection …

Every time we take a risk there’s a point where we think, oh my, what have I done!  We feel we’ve made a wrong turn, a mistake, or we start to beat ourselves up.  We begin to doubt ourselves and often begin to let go of the path we’ve taken.

But this is precisely the point at which we must breathe deeply and carry on.  A friend of mine gave me a paperweight from WWII:  Keep Calm and Carry On.  Unless you’ve jumped out of that rocket 10,000 feet in the air it’s unlikely you are going to die.  It might feel like it – the embarrassment, the vulnerability, perhaps the money, the time, but this is deep life lesson stuff.

I’ve been feeling like this lately.  I’ve been working pretty hard marketing our book and sales are growing.  But every time I speak to a group or even to a single woman, I realize that there’s so much pain to help lessen, so much opportunity and potential to be discovered, I want to help more!  And then I start to compare myself to Sheryl Sandberg’s success.

Really?  This is not helpful.  I understand this intellectually but emotionally sometimes I start to fall back on the ‘feel sorry for myself’ position.  I know this position.  I used this for many years early in my career when the world didn’t change the way I wanted it to.  It never helped – it made me feel bad and as Martha Beck said today in her tweet, fear just widens the gap.

So this morning, I breathed deeply.  I breathed some more.  I calmed myself down.  Breathed some more.  Then I got down to the work of carrying on.

@Jodi Detjen 2013

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