Limit More: Young Women Are Hearing They Can’t Do It All

Young women hear they can’t do it all and so they limit their career options early. We need a new model for dual income parents. And women need to lead the way.

With all discussion about how the workplace is inhospitable to women and families, many young women make limiting career choices early on to give themselves the flexibility they anticipate needing later when they are mothers. They assume it’s what they are supposed to do. They misinterpret the message (or maybe hear it loud and clear). Rather than garnering the power they have to change the system, young women are hearing that they need to make their career ambitions smaller so they can make room for their families.

Instead, we need a mindset change at home. We need to challenge the assumption that women are the main caretakers of families and proprietors of the home. We can replace this flawed assumption with a new one; one that assigns responsibility to both parents for parenting and for earning a living. Once this shift happens, workplaces will respond and become more accommodating because their workforce, both male and female, demands it. Click here to continue reading…

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