Top 3 things to do in 2014

We all make resolutions and then don’t follow through.  Try these 3 life changers.  They’ll change your life significantly so you’ll stick to them?:


  1. Tell yourself everyday that you are equally important to everyone else in your life.  Then prove it through your actions.  Catch yourself whenever you swallow whatever you really wanted to do for your boyfriend, child, or husband and instead, speak up.  Do this twice in the next week.  3 times the week after, and keep increasing until others balk.
  2. Say No and then breathe deeply so you won’t say anything else.  Building on number (1), instead of acquiescing to staying late, volunteering for something you don’t really have time for (like baking cookies for yet another class party), or staying home with a sick child when it’s your spouse’s turn, say no.  Then say nothing else.  You can count to 10, 20 or notice the thread sticking out of the other person’s collar but keep your mouth shut after uttering ‘no’.  Rinse and repeat twice in the next week and 3 times week after. Repeat often. Notice frequently that the world did not collapse.
  3. Pick one cool thing you’ve always wanted to do and do it.  The yeah buts will arise immediately.  Ask them nicely to wait until 2015.  Then immediately pay the $25 required and sign up. Maybe it’s learning to canoe, take a public speaking course, hire a career coach, or go out with your friends monthly.  Just book it.  Today.  And remind yourself how fun it is to do something just for you.  Repeat as long as your budget allows.  (p.s. this does not include another pair of shoes.  This is about action not acquisition).

Oh and did I mention to tell yourself every day that you are equally important to everyone else in your life?  What does that actually look like in all the conversations you have today? 


What a wonderful year it’s gonna be!


© Jodi Detjen, 2014

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