Why do organizations default to the rule “he who works most hours wins”?

Mandy O’Neill: Why Do Highly Capable Women Not Always Realize Their Workforce Potential? | Article by Stanford Graduate School of Business

When Olivia “Mandy” O’Neill entered the PhD program at Stanford in 2000, the question she most wanted to answer was one that had been puzzling researchers and employers alike: Why were promising professional women failing to realize their potential in the workforce? Previous research into this question, which tried to disentangle people’s biological sex from their gender identity, left everyone scratching their heads. For example, some studies looking at who succeeds had found that stereotypically masculine people of both sexes earn more than feminine people, while other research showed almost the opposite — that masculine women suffered a backlash for violating gender norms.

Even today, when her own investigations have given her much clearer answers, O’Neill sounds a note of frustration as she describes the confusion in the scholarly literature at the time. “The research wasn’t coherent and really didn’t explain the problem, which is: Why were women opting out, particularly the ones who looked like they should have the highest potential?” Click here to continue reading…

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