The Line Less Traveled

Hear what Robin Hardman has to say about The Orange Line

Robin Hardman | Robin Hardman Communications –

The Orange Line’s title stems from the idea that some women walk a red line—opting out of their career, even for a period of time, which generally has lifelong repercussions for income and advancement opportunities—and some walk a green line—throwing themselves full-force into career advancement at the expense of personal fulfillment.

The book’s premise is that professional women (the authors candidly admit that the focus of this book is professional women) don’t have to choose between career and family, strive for an impossibly elusive balance between the two, or “do it all.” Instead, they can question the assumptions that put them in this box in the first place and, by doing so, walk a middle line. The authors call this line orange, a seemingly random color choice that means neither stop, nor go, but something in between. Continue Reading…

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