What’s Holding You Back from Promoting Yourself?

Jodi Detjen | Featured in Boss Mag

When my co-authored book, The Orange Line, first came out, I felt intimidated. What if people don’t like it? What if they think it’s not good quality? What if …? I was worried that I would be judged.


Self-promotion is like that. We have to get past our inner critic and promote ourselves anyway. For our book, I had to get on social media, talk to anyone and everyone, and ask for what I wanted. There is so much ‘noise’ both in and outside of work that the only way one can gain visibility is by asking.


But women are especially unwilling to self-promote. We saw in our research that women are reluctant to self-promote for two reasons: 1) they believe that they are not good enough yet—they need to perfect their skill, their product, [insert your choice] and 2) they believe that hard work will automatically get rewarded.

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