Being Successful at Work for Women

Being Successful at Work for Women: Does Bring Home the Bacon and Fry It Up in a Pan Work? | Ellen Ensher

Ever wonder what the secret is to being successful at work for women? I heard a great talk about this topic last week from an LMU alumna, Kelly Watson. Kelly, along with co-authors Jodi Ecker Detjen and Michelle A. Waters have written a book that provides insight for professionals in The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life.  If you are looking for the latest in career tips and advice, then read on!

Drawing from 118 interviews with college-educated women, the authors identify three messages that women are inundated with and that can prevent them from reaching their full potential both professionally and personally.  The three implicit expectations, referred to by the authors as the Feminine Filter,  that women hold for themselves and other women are: Continue Reading…

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