Top 3 ways for Young Women to Make More Money

Top 3 ways for Young Women to Make More Money


We seem to choose jobs that are gendered.  It seems less intimidating and somehow easier to avoid the jobs that are predominantly male.  But it will mean significantly less money over the course of your career.  And the skills and interests you already have can be used in a lot of other places that make much more money.  Imagine too that if more of us these jobs, they would be a lot less gendered – think about how law, medicine and accounting are now completely feasible choices for women, unlike even 20 years ago.


What can you do?


1)     Think differently about your talents and find the jobs that pay more

a)     like to knit or sew?  The same detailed focus, working with your hands and following patterns is required for engineering.

b)     great at organizing, doing events, or getting others moving?  The same skillset is required for project management, operations or supply chain management.

c)     love to design your room or clothes and make them look beautiful?  The same eye for art, color, and flow is required for game design and you maybe you could even help shift the industry to making more products for women and girls.

d)     Enjoy helping others, understanding their problems and solving them? Go into a field like sales which is moving towards a problem solving approach v. a buy what I have to sell mode.  Or become a manager; managers must manage their people and on 10% are actually considered effective.

e)     What else?  Reply with your ideas.

2)     Evaluate what your major is worth before embarking on it.  The AAUW has a very useful calculator to help you decide.

3)     Don’t worry about whether there are enough women in your chosen industry; instead, seek support. Find the area you work in and then find the women that are already there.  Seek support from other women if you are in a male dominated field. There are many affinity groups and places to go for help online and in your region.

Set yourself up for long term financial stability and career growth by thinking outside the box with your career choices. Ready to roll?


© Jodi Detjen, 2014

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