Jon Stewart Calls Out Sexism in the Media

The Shriver Report | Jon Stewart Calls Out the Media for Speculating that Hillary Clinton’s Role as Grandmother Could Deter a 2016 Run for the WH

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On Tuesday night’s “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart called out some recent examples of sexism in the media using his tongue-in-cheek tone.  He poked fun at the questions that have arisen about Hillary Clinton’s potential interest in running for President in 2016 after her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, announced that she and her husband are expecting a baby.

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In response to the speculation that becoming a grandmother could deter Hillary Clinton from running, Stewart said, “For god sakes, Mitt Romney has a litter of grandchildren…the guy added 3 grandchildren while campaigning…my point is he got crushed in the election by someone with no grandchildren, yet somehow the grandchild factor never came up in the race between Obama and Romney.”

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