now this is helpful. How to transition from work to home and make it work for both you and the family

Personal Power Press | Chick Moorman & Thomas Haller

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Transitioning From Work to Home: Tips and Tricks to Make It Work!

Some specific strategies for making your home arrival calm and productive follow.
  1. Manage your mind first. Create positive expectations. Imagine the scene being warm and welcoming. Do not imagine a messy house, fighting kids, or the hurried hassle of getting to dance class. If a crisis does greet you, know you can handle it with skill and understanding.
  2. On the commute, refrain from participating in gossip, criticizing, complaining, and the like. Refuse to read negative stories or listen to negativity in the news. Free your mind of these weeds and prepare for your home arrival by planting healthy thoughts.
  3. Get rid of any “have to’s” in your self-talk. You don’t have to get dinner ready. You get to. You don’t have to drive kids to soccer practice. You get to. You don’t have to help with homework. You get to. You don’t have to supervise baths. You get to.

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