The Illusion of Control

The Illusion of Control

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Teleos Consulting | June 11, 2014

To make sure we’re discussing the same term, let me offer definition one from Merriman-Webster.  “Control – to direct the behavior of a person, to cause a person to do what you want.”  I define it with a bit more color as the ability to get people to do what you want, when and how you want – and to act like they want it too.  As the above title suggests, I believe that control is an illusion, a dangerous self-deception that is driven by fear. Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 9.49.57 PM

It is possible to coerce behavior?  The answer to that question is a definite maybe, assuming that force against interest is strong enough, the person has the capability to perform, AND you don’t push him beyond a boundary.  But, coercion isn’t control, because you can’t make people pretend to like it, you can’t compel performance without capability, and performance won’t continue once the coercion stops.  Simply, I believe that I can’t make people do something they don’t understand, can’t do, or don’t value.

So, why do people cling to the illusion of control? Continue Reading…








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