Leadership and women go hand in hand. We just need to think bigger.

Care.com, the big business of babysitting

How CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo persuaded Wall Street to bet $91 million on Care.com.

Boston Globe | Michael B. Farrell

OVER LUNCH AT Naked Fish in Waltham one day in the fall of 2006, venture capitalist David Skok presented a budding tech entrepreneur with a clear choice: You can pursue the pleasure business or the pain business. It’s that simple, said the seasoned investor, a general partner at Matrix Partners. In the months that followed, his apprentice chose pain.Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.38.11 AM

That may seem like an odd way to characterize Sheila Lirio Marcelo’s path these past eight years. After all, Marcelo, 43, is today the smiling face of Care.com Inc., the company she founded not long after that lunchtime meeting. Since then, the CEO has become a fixture of online ads, TV commercials, and morning television talk shows, including Good Morning America, plugging the company that has become something of an Amazon.com for caregivers, connecting parents with baby sitters and nannies, the elderly with home health care providers. So far, more than 6.4 million families worldwide have signed up to use the service — people looking, Marcelo explains, to ease their pain. Continue Reading…

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