3 voice mistakes that could be career liabilities

3 voice mistakes that could be career liabilities — and what to do about them

Biz Women | Boston Business Journal, Caroline McMillan Portillo, Bizwomen reporter

NPR’s periodic series “The Changing Lives of Women” recently highlighted the top six complaints about women’s voices.

In short: Women can’t have voices that are too high (appears childish, less competent) or too low (sex atypical). And that whole “vocal fry” thing — when you drop your voice as low as possible and it crackles — won’t make you any friends either. According to the scientists NPR interviewed, vocal fry can actually make women seem less hirable or untrustworthy.Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.34.51 PM

As women interviewed in the segment attest, it can be frustrating to hear these complaints because — well, you know — it’s your voice. And sometimes thinner and shorter vocal chords are going to keep your voice high, no matter what. So, what to do? Should we just throw out these nonsensical complaints and chalk them up to sexism? Not yet. Continue Reading…

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