Live the Orange Line


As we move through the years of our career, women pass through different phases which create new setbacks or opportunities.

1: Green Start  In our 20s and early 30s we focus on gaining and maintaining career traction.

2: Approaching Burnout – The tendency to “do it all” has worn us down and we risk losing what we have built.

3: Family Matters – The addition of a spouse and children or care for an aging relative impacts our career in many ways.

4: Sabbatical – Taking a break from career can be a positive growth experience.

5: Re-Entry – Re-joining our careers after a break can provide a fresh start.

6: Mid-Career Transition – After years of career experience we may seek new opportunities and options.

7: Living the Orange Line – Keeping ourselves and our passions at the center of our choices allows an integrated life of work, family, and me.

As a community of professional women, we can all benefit from sharing experience and advice. A guiding note, comment or thought about a specific phase can be overwhelmingly beneficial to others.

Have you had an experience in any of these phases that stretched you to make difficult decisions?

Has this had a positive or negative impact on your career as a whole?

Leave comments below or go directly to our Community Page see what others have to say.

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