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The Third Metric Is Within Reach If We Remove This First Hey Women: It All Matters — Even Money and Power Finding and Fixing the Feminine Dilemma Featured in… The Broad Experience- Ashley Milne-Tyte (Listen to the Podcast here!) Lean In- News and Inspiration

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“Jodi Detjen, a professor of management and entrepreneurship at the Sawyer Business School, has been tackling these tough questions for years. As the co-author of The Orange Line™ – A Women’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life, she’s interviewed hundreds of college-educated women about their careers and work-life struggles. She’s found that most women feel constrained by outdated and unrealistic ideals.” – BostInno | Sawyer Business School read more

KELLY WATSON and her team researched barriers to career success for their book, The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family, and Life. Above, Kelly teacheshigh potential women at Toyota about their findings. She’s a member of the Leadership California Class of 2014. Why do women find the quest for work life balance so elusive? Why do women, more than men, need work flexibility? Why are the numbers of women in leadership still so low? Why does having a family derail a woman’s career while boosting a man’s?” – Leadership California | Kelly Watson read more

Keep an eye on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and PanoRAMa (the alumni events newsletter) for updates about our summer reading list. Selected books will be chosen for virtual meet-ups and discussion late summer and early fall. Any questions please email Tramaine Weekes at” Suffolk University features Orange Line Career as a great choice for summer reading! See Here

“Women represent 54% of the labor pool in the finance and banking industries. But a precipitous drop occurs at the executive level. Just 11% of chief financial officers are women, while only 23% of all senior officer positions are held by women. The few women at the top with families typically have a stay-at-home spouse in support of their careers. The message is clear: women with families are not welcome.” – American Banker | Jodi Detjen read more

Jodi Detjen was quoted in an WBUR commentary on 12 May 2014 | Killing Parents Softly With Half Days Listen Here

“Recently, Debora L. Spar, the president of Barnard College, reignited the conversation with her book Wonder Women, about career women’s quest for perfection and accepting the reality that such perfection may not be attainable, echoing yet another book released earlier this year called The Orange Line, by Suffolk University professor Jodi Detjen. But is what’s lacking in women’s working lives the whole story? Is the state of professional affairs as bad as it seems?” – Psychology Today by Peggy Drexler | read more

Michelle Waters is an experienced senior executive, consultant, integrated work/life/family facilitator and coach. While serving as SVP for her primary client, she spearheaded a B to B multilingual dependent care service globally, managed Fortune 100 international accounts and led a cross-cultural expansion project across four continents. Now she helps our listeners find a balance between the two most important aspects of your life!” – Business Rockstars | Michelle Waters is the first interview

Suffolk University professor Jodi Detjen says that research for the book she co-authored, “The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life,” found that some younger women make career choices based on the thinking that “When my kids are in school, I’ll be able to work school hours.” – The Shriver Report by Carey Goldberg | read more

MarketPlace quotes Jodi Detjen in an audio interview for the White House Summit, “It needs to come from the top – as soon as people come from the top it becomes important then business will start investing in it, colleges will start investing in it and people will start to realize it really does matters” – Interviewed by Amy Scott | Listen Here “Jodi Detjen, management & entrepreneurship professor at the Sawyer Business School and co-author of The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life, explained that most women feel constrained by outdated and unrealistic ideals. It’s a self-limiting belief system that the she and her co-authors call the Feminine Filter™.” – Suffolk University | read more “Waters, Watson and Detjen decided to tackle the questions surrounding motherhood and career success. They began surveying 118 college educated women across the U.S. to find out why work and life balance is harder for females. They published what they learned in the book “The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family & Life.” – Alyssa Morin | Easy Reader News read more “One of the main points that Detjen made is that women need to believe and assert that their lives, dreams, and careers are as important as those of others, be it their spouse, children or friends. She told a story about a woman who wanted to go back to graduate school. Rather than asking her family if she could go back, she asked them what they all would have to do to facilitate her going. In this way, she asserted her equality and importance rather than sacrificing her ambitions.” – Brad Lenz | Duke Center for International Development read more “Ever wonder what the secret is to being successful at work for women? I heard a great talk about this topic last week from an LMU alumna, Kelly Watson. Kelly, along with co-authors Jodi Ecker Detjen and Michelle A. Waters have written a book that provides insight for professionals in The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life.  If you are looking for the latest in career tips and advice, then read on!” – Ellen Ensher | Professor, Author, Consultant read moreThe Orange Line’s title stems from the idea that some women walk a red line—opting out of their career, even for a period of time, which generally has lifelong repercussions for income and advancement opportunities—and some walk a green line—throwing themselves full-force into career advancement at the expense of personal fulfillment.” – Robin Hardman | Robin Hardman Communications read more “We found one of the biggest reasons women were not making it was because they were holding themselves back,” Detjen said. “Women were making decisions about their lives based on basic assumptions of what an ideal woman is. In the book we break those rules down into six assumptions. The biggest one is that women are primarily responsible for home and family.” – Lois Szymanski Neighborhoods correspondent read moreJodi Detjen, Co-Author of The Orange Line:  A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life, prefers integration to balance, takes care of herself, but struggles with no. Where/when do you feel most successful? When I am in my zone, prepared (mostly) and also able to be spontaneous with my thoughts.  When I am thinking strategically. When I have space to create. What is your number one rule for achieving success? Make it matter. Have an impact. – Liz O’Donnell read more “The Orange Line” refers to Detjen, Waters and Watson’s idea that there is a life to be lived where work and family can take on equal importance (as opposed to a career-dominant Green Line and a family-dominant Red Line). The book explains this concept and follows it up with a discussion of “The Feminine Filter,” ideas that come together to create the ideal woman. This filter influences the decisions women make as they strive to “do it all, look good and be nice.” –  read more “An excellent and useful read! I really enjoyed reading “The Orange Line”. I found it intelligently written, informative and very tactical in its approach to both making sense of this topic and helping women create personal solutions.” – Julnar Rizk read more

“Together, the women bring a unique perspective to the work-life debate, acknowledging that work-life solutions must balance the needs of the individual with the realities of organizational goals.” -LMU LA read more

“You have to find a system that works for you, but I have found it is possible. Yes, it is a juggling act. And yes, you have to learn to ask for what you want. Thankfully there is a book on this subject that I highly recommend” – Ellen Keiley for read more

“They bring a uniquely market-oriented perspective to the work-life debate”  -Loyola Marymount University read more

“This book offers tools to help women remove the Feminine Filter™ so they can see their futures more clearly.”   -Suffolk University  read more

“It’s freeing, it’s empowering, and it enables women to make decisions without the filter of the “ideal woman’s” rules.”  -David Carew read more

Stacy-Marie Ishmael

Stacy-Marie Ishmael

“More than once I found myself highlighting paragraphs that could have been taken verbatim from periods of my life…Fortunately, “The Orange Line” offers advice and how-to’s that are overwhelmingly practical and quite sane” read more

Paul Levy

Paul Levy

“I am confident that when people look back a decade from now they will view publication of The Orange Line as a watershed event.” read more


“Jodi Detjen, Michelle Waters, and Kelly Watson challenge women to get past the self-limiting assumptions that circumscribe their personal and professional lives.  They do this with empathy and caring, but with an underlying message that the power of change lies within.  Their rubric has no room for self pity or excuses or blaming “the system.”  The book offers hope to all of us who believe that women’s integration of work and family is the key to a successful society.  The book raises new challenges and may create some discomfort as women internalize its messages.  What the authors advise is not easy, but I am confident that publication of their book will be viewed as a watershed event when people look back a decade from now.”

Paul F. Levy is the author of Goal Play! Leadership Lessons from the Soccer Field and former President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.


“Simple in their approach, yet complex in their thinking and analysis, Detjen, Waters and Watson outline the ideal of a new approach to Career, Family and Life. “Having it all” was never so attainable.”

Marshall Goldsmith is the author of 34 books, including including the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.  He is also America’s preeminent executive coach, according to Fast Company magazine.


“There is no reason women should be choosing work or life in the 21st century.  Detjen, Waters, and Watson successfully explain how Orange Line workers choose both…and succeed.  A must-read if you’re wanting to live life to the fullest every single day.”

Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, Co-Authors, Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It


“This is a valuable book in continuing an important debate around the issues of women in the workplace.”

Dr Heather McGregor, author of Mrs. Moneypenny’s Career Advice for Ambitious Women 


“At every point in your career – when just starting out, if you start a family, or when you are ready to spread your wings and try something new – The Orange Line helps you hold on to your career aspirations without compromising your personal goals.  Detjen, Waters and Watson have done a great job providing solid advice and straightforward examples to help women avoid becoming their own worse enemy, and instead think bigger about life’s possibilities. “

Jessica DeGroot, Thirdpath Institute


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